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Tru Hydrate

TRU Hydrate is our delicious, zero calorie, all day drinkable formula of the crucial electrolytes our bodies need to function optimally.

Maintaining proper hydration will increase exercise and activity performance by preventing muscle cramping. Even more important however, is the importance of hydration throughout the day. Staying hydrated will increase fat loss and energy levels while also helping appetite control and digestion.

Each container has 50 servings and is a great flavor enhancer mixed with water both before/during/after your workout as well as all day long!

With TRU, staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring!

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2X The Electrolytes

TRU Hydate contains double the electrolytes of the leading sports drink. Our delicious formula makes it easy to replenish the electrolytes we lose throughout the day and during excersise.

Zero Calorie All-Day Hydration

Our all natural formula delivers a deliciously light and refreshing taste experience without the use of any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. TRU Hydrate is also calorie and sugar free, so you can drink it all day, guilt free.

Prevent Muscle Cramping

Electrolytes are necessary for proper muscle contraction and function. Drinking TRU Hydrate provides the electrolytes our bodies need in their most absorbable form.

Refreshing & Clean Taste
Calorie Free
Naturally Sweetened

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Q: is Hydrate safe for kids as my kids are active and in sports and I would love to give to them as an alternative to sports drinks?

A: Hydrate is absolutely safe for children! It is so crucial for kids to stay hydrated and get their electrolytes while playing sports. It would be a good idea to add TRU Hydrate to juice before they play for extra energy through carbohydrates!

Q: When I mix my water with hydrate, it tastes too sweet, is this normal?

A: You can change the level of sweetness based off your preference to taste by adding more or less water. We designed Hydrate to use monk fruit and stevia for a naturally sweet taste with 0g of sugar! Those who are very sensitive to stimulation should absolutely start with a ½ scoop serving to assess tolerance.

Q: What are other ways to mix Hydrate?

A: Other than adding Hydrate to water throughout the day, a lot of people will mix Hydrate mixed with carbonated water for a fun healthy beverage or even with their BCAAs for maximum recovery during and after exercise. 

Q: When is the best time to drink Hydrate to get the best effect?

A: You never want to wait until you are dehydrated to replenish your liquids and electrolytes. Pro tip- you can be dehydrated way before you have the feeling of thirst! Don’t wait. Consistent hydration is just ask important as it is during exercise. 

Q: Help, I’ve lost my scooper so how do I know how much to mix into my drink?

A: A serving is 2.90g which is about half a teaspoon!

Q: What is the benefit of using Hydrate?

A: Hydrate uses all natural ingredients to deliver your body the crucial electrolytes your body needs. It also helps with preventing muscle cramping & fatigue.

Q: Should I be concerned about the amount of sodium?

A: Everyone requires different nutritional needs. Sodium is an essential electrolyte that plays the role of maintaining the balance of water in and around your cells. When we exercise, we are sweating out our sodium storage and it is our job to replenish these. As with all parts of nutrition, you want to make sure you are getting the correct amount for your body- not too much and not too little.

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