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Ever felt like you have a million things to do, and not enough time to do them? Yeah, we feel you. More focus is something we can all use; and TRU Focus is the all-natural way to get more out of each and every day. 

Reading long documents, working in the office, focusing on school… we can do these things on a higher level, with the right natural ingredients. That’s exactly what TRU Focus is. We have put the best and most cutting edge ingredients into one fully-dosed formula, and added nothing artificial.

Once you taste our incredible Mango Rush flavor, we know you’ll look forward to drinking TRU Focus every day, and with effects that get better over time; you’ll never want to miss a serving and stay at your very best. 

Fight Mental Fatigue

Long days lead to decreased engagement and productivity, especially when trying to start a task or remain focused into the afternoon or when tired. TRU Focus keeps you ready and at your sharpest for longer, each and everyday you use it.

Learn Faster

When presented with new information with less than optimal brain function, what we often observe “in one ear and out the other” this lack of information retention makes the learning process much slower and more frustrating. With regular usage of TRU Focus, you will see your ability take in and actually use new information, increase dramatically.

Communicate Effectively

Our ability to process thoughts and clearly communicate them to others is truly priceless. TRU Focus will improve mood and memory recall speed to make idea sharing, group brain storming, and conversations a pleasure.

What’s in Focus?

Quantum IQ

Quantum IQ is a patented extract of the Kesum Plant. Kesum is an indigenous plant of Malaysia and SouthEast Asia, also known as “Smart Weed” for its mind sharpening effects.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is known for its ability to provide the brain with choline to help produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter improves memory development and improves a number of other cognitive processes.


Coffeeberry is the whole fruit of the coffee plant used for antioxidant purposes. Coffee fruit extract has been shown to be useful forincreasing levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).


Vinpocetine is an ingredient used to enhance cerebral utilization of oxygen and glucose while improving cerebral functions such as memory.


Mango Rush


Q: Can I use this instead of my coffee in the mornings? Is it ok to have both coffee and TRU Focus on the same day?

A: If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to consider replacing your coffee with TRU Focus. Coffee has health benefits due to the high amount of antioxidants. TRU Focus uses the patented Coffeeberry®, which is the whole fruit of the coffee plant used for antioxidant purposes and shown to help protect your brain and mental threshold! With that said; if you treasure your morning cup of coffee, you can still have both. Since TRU Focus contains very little caffeine, most people will not notice any side effects in combining them. Note: we do not recommend mixing your TRU Focus into your coffee; they are best enjoyed separately.

Q: Is this safe for pregnant or nursing women?

A: We do not recommend TRU Focus for pregnant or nursing women.

Q: Will this keep me up at night or cause any trouble sleeping?

A: Although TRU Focus has a relatively small amount of caffeine (70mg), we do recommend taking this at least 3 hours before bed to ensure your body has the time to settle down and produce the necessary sleep hormones.

Q: Is this safe to combine with other TRU products?

A: Yes! All TRU products have been designed to be safely taken together. One thing to keep in mind is that TRU Metabolism has 60mg of caffeine and TRU Energy has 100mg of caffeine. You may adjust serving sizes if you have a caffeine sensitivity and would like to use more than one of these products! In fact, using Focus along side other TRU Supplements may enhance the noticeable benefits by targeting a wide range of health areas and promoting overall wellness and wellbeing.

Q: Is the dose size dependent? So if I’m a larger guy or lady do I need to take double?

A: Depending on your size, you may benefit from increasing the portion size up to 2 scoops (maximum recommendation in a day). We suggest starting with one serving to see how you feel and adjusting from there.

Q: Is this safe for my son or daughter to take while in school or college?

A: Yes! For all students over 18, TRU Focus is a great and natural alternative designed to help enhance learning abilities, communication skills, and memory retention. Creating a product targeted towards helping students thrive and succeed in school was top on our list when carefully designing TRU Focus!

Q: How often should I take TRU Focus?

A: TRU Focus can be taken daily or as needed. There are impressive benefits that have been found through using the active ingredients consistently. Studies on the ingredient Alpha GPC have shown improvement over time in cognition and even restoring mental capabilities. In another study on the ingredient Vinpocetine, the results showed significant improvement in memory and concentration.

9 reviews for Tru Focus

  1. kennedyidea

    Tru Focus is amazing! I work from my desk all day, sometimes I get distracted by social media or my kid.. Focus has given me that little extra to help get through my projects FASTER.

  2. Rachel

    I love Focus! Being a stay at home mom with twins can be difficult! Focus does exactly what it is supposed to do.. help me focus! From everyday chores to paying the bills. I’ve tried other nootropics and Focus takes the W!

  3. Joseph J

    I love that Tru stays TRUE to its values and doesn’t add a bunch of crazy fillers, sugars, added UNNECESSARY ingredients!

  4. Brena Bishop (verified owner)

    I’m a believer. The after taste on Day 1 was offputting but Day 2 wasn’t so bad and I can honestly say I felt great on only 4 hours of sleep and was razor focused.

  5. Londun Cormier (verified owner)

    I just recieved my TruFocus and absolutely love it. I am a college student it has definitely helped me stay attentive in class and more important retain the information durning the lectutes. Also helping me staying focused and alert while doing my homework and late night study sessions. I love that the flavor is Mango.

  6. JG (verified owner)

    Focus has been great as an afternoon pick me up. It has helped me combat mental fatigue after lunch. It works incredibly fast and I have laser focus on whatever task I am working on! It lasts all afternoon and there is no crashing effect. My new go to pick me up in the afternoon instead of several cups of coffee.

  7. Adriana (verified owner)

    I was so excited that tru supps was coming out with a natural nootropic , that I got my hands on one as soon i could! I am a full time college student with a full time job so you can imagine how tired I am from the lack of sleep and the mental exhaustion of having constant information being thrown at me every single day. Coffee helps for the first three hours but then there is always that annoying crash & drinking 5 cups of coffees and energy drinks was just too unhealthy for me. I wanted to give the product a fair chance and so the first day i tried it , I had no coffee and was running on 4 hours of sleep, I was amazed that one scoop was enough to keep me going until midnight , it was crazy ! By the first week I was convinced this is the greatest choice i could of made. I am able to have enough mental stamina to be present mentally for all my patients and for the school work that needs to get done. I highly recommend!

  8. Albert Betances

    Focus is great! Only 100mg of caffeine and the focus feels like it’s more. Gives you the kick plus the added mental endurance. The taste isn’t the best but makes sense because it is natural unlike other products.

  9. Donte Domingue (verified owner)

    I used the product to study for my economics test. Absolutely phenomenal ! I was locked in mentally & was far from distracted from my studies. I also took some a hour before my test (along with a quick review 20 minutes prior) & performed very well on my test

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