Tru Muscle Building Bundle

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Designed to be your ideal stack to assist with building muscle when paired with a physical fitness program. This bundle includes items specific to before your workout (TRU Energy), during your workout (TRU BCAA+Creatine) and post workout recovery (TRU Protein).

Together they create the ultimate synergistic effect to repair muscle after strenuous workouts!

TRU Protein - 11 Flavors

TRU Protein is the all natural and delicious plant based protein powder built to deliver your body the protein, amino acids, and micronutrients needed to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle.

What makes Tru Protein different?

We are glad you asked:

  • 20 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and only 100 calories per serving
  • Plant Based and Vegan Friendly
  • Organic sourced brown rice and pea proteins
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • No heavy metal contamination
  • Loaded with SunBCAA™ to maximize recovery and effectiveness
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Tru BCAA 30 Servings - 2 Flavors

TRU BCAA is our Ultra Premium BCAA + L-Carnitine formula. We worked with Massy Arias for 6 months to develop and perfect this formula and currently there is nothing similar in the market.
* Note * BOTH TRU BCAA flavors are safe for pregnant, lactating and nursing mothers

TRU BCAA is the totally natural and absolutely delicious drink that you can rely on to perform your workouts and stay hydrated throughout the day.

What are BCAA?
BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are those amino acids that contribute most directly to muscular performance and endurance while promoting muscle recovery and fat loss.


Tru Creatine

TRU Supplements uses 100% Creapure® micronized creatine monohydrate because it is the only creatine we trust for our customers and athletes. Creapure® is the most widely studied form of creatine and is proven to be safe and effective. It is clinically proven to increase strength and endurance by 30% and decrease muscle lactic acid accumulation and fatigue by 70%. Research also shows that creatine increases strength and brain health and eliminates water retention and bloating.

Creatine does this by increasing the phosphocreatine stores for greater ATP availability during exercise and activity. It is 100% safe and effective not only athletes, but also for everyone else. If you want to increase size and strength you need TRU Creatine featuring creapure!

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Tru Energy - 2 Flavors

Getting in amazing workouts on a consistent basis can be the make or break to your success in reaching your goals. But some days, you just don't feel as good as others! How can you get the most out of every workout without having to hurt your body with fake stimulants and an overload of artificial sweeteners and colors. TRU Energy gives you exactly the right natural ingredients, at exactly the right dosages to have a perfect workout, every time!

4 reviews for Tru Muscle Building Bundle

  1. Patricia (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!!! It tastes delicious and I’ve noticed a better definition in my body since I started taking the creatine and the preworkout, the protein taste more like s milk shake which I love ?

  2. cocopmartin4 (verified owner)

    Great products and amazing costumer service too!

  3. Beatriz (verified owner)

    Amazing products!! I decided to buy the bundle in May and I’m super happy with the products. I just bought the Blueberry Muffin (new flavor for me). I have been using the protein since 2016 and took a year off to try different proteins , at first it was good then the bloating started to happen so I went back to Tru Supplements. Love the products. Customer service is amazing and thank you!

  4. Shelly Bresson (verified owner)

    First month in and enjoy the products! Easy to use! I have had to use Customer Service once and they were super helpful!

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