TRU Protein Sampler Kit – 6 Flavor Samples

9 Reviews

Undecided about which flavor of Tru Protein to try first or next?

6 single serving packets of Tru Protein

Birthday Cake / Vanilla / Banana Maple Muffin / Chocolate Creme  / Strawberry Jam / Mint Chocolate Cookie

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9 reviews for TRU Protein Sampler Kit – 6 Flavor Samples

  1. Rosangela Estrada (verified owner)

    I think it’s such a good thing that they offer a sample pack! It says it’s one serving per flavor, but it’s actually a little bit more. This allows you to try each flavor before making a commitment to a full sized product.

  2. Julissa Castellanos

    This flavor is AMAZING! I bought the supplement this past weekend from the LA Fit Expo at Massy and the crew’s booth. Best choice yet!

  3. AIMEE

    Hi, when is going to be restocked?

  4. DIatra Langford (verified owner)

    I love the quick delivery!!!! So far I’ve tried the cinnamon, mint chocolate chip , and vanilla creme.. The Vanilla is my favorite thus far lol!!! I may just be plain. Is there are sample packet with the blueberry muffin? That’s what I really want to try before I make my commitment to buy the big one. Right now I’m leaning towards the vanilla but I really want to know what the blueberry taste like!!! I love the products !!! I’ve been enjoying the green apple BCAA as well!!!

  5. Chalese Lawrence (verified owner)

    Loved being able to purchase a sample pack with 8 different flavors. This is the first plant protein powder I have tried that I actually like. One sample makes 10-12 oz. I couldn’t finish a whole one in one sitting. Will definitely purchase a full size after running out of the samples.

  6. Marie (verified owner)

    Great sample pack! I’ve been through soooo many different plant proteins and this is the only brand so far that does not cause me bloat and feeling of heaviness. 🙁 Extensive flavor options for plant protein; cinnamon bun, blueberry muffin and vanilla were my favorite. I will be purchasing full size soon. Also added bonus Massy seems to be an awesome woman so love to support!

  7. Daniela Gomez Paz (verified owner)

    I love this pack. I have not been a fan of mint chocolate in my life, but even that protein powder was delicious and nutritious. Even the birthday cake was such a surprise. I bought the large container of Banana Maple and now will buy the Birthday Cake to switch it up! Im waiting on the Vanilla. These are perfect for post workouts, breakfast recipes and sweet snacks! They also arrive super fast which is a plus!

  8. Yvette (verified owner)

    absolutely love that they offer a sample pack because I didn’t want to go through buying something I didn’t like. What I love even more is how GOOD these protein powders taste!!! I’ve tried many different protein powders and they just aren’t as good. Usually they have a chalky taste/texture as well. These flavors are so good I was surprised! My biggest issue now is I can’t decide which 1-2 flavors I should buy in the regular size now. I’ve tried banana nut, chocolate, blueberry muffin, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry jam so far. I’ve loved all of them with the exception of strawberry jam which I put in a fruit smoothie so that could have been what made me not like the flavor that much. Even then I still drank it all and it wasn’t horrible, just not as good as the others IMO. I still have birthday cake and vanilla left to try!

  9. Kish

    This is the best plant based protein powder I ever bought. Trust me I have tried a lot of them. It’s not chalky and I don’t have to add other stuff to make any of the flavors taste better including the vanilla flavor. I like the variety pack so I don’t have to have the same flavor every day.

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