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Tru Fat Burning Bundle

2 Reviews

If your goal is to trim bodyfat and work towards a leaner physique this is the best bundle for you! Each product works in a synergistic effect to make your body more efficient at releasing stored bodyfat to use as energy! TRU Metabolism the most powerful product in this combo prevents any new fat from forming while helping your body burn existing fat easier and more effectively! Detox helps to eliminate any internal toxins to cleanse your system while ACV helps maintain and improve your blood sugar levels to help elevate natural energy levels.

Each bundle includes: Detox, ACV, Metabolism, and BCAA.

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Tru Metabolism

Tru Metabolism is the Solution you've been looking for, your secret weapon to maintaining a leaner and meaner physique without crash diets, over exercising, or crazy gimmicks. No hype, just results.

Tru Metabolism features a clinical dosage of AnthOrigin - the patented and all-natural extract from US origin, water-extracted, non-gmo purple corn husk extract which is the ONLY natural ingredient shown to REDUCE Fat Storage at the cellular level. This means that if you have a solid workout regimen and nutrition plan in place, you WILL LOSE FAT FASTER than ever before. The rest of our natural formula uses an innovative combination of natural ingredients to help manage appetite, maximize all-day energy levels, and enhance your mood; ALL WITHOUT THE FAKE ARTIFICIAL STIMULANTS and harmful ingredients that are common in many products on the market.


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TRU ACV - Organic Apple Cider + PlantCaps® - 2 Month Supply

TRU ACV gives you all the incredible, fat-burning benefits of liquid apple cider vinegar inside a Vegan Friendly veggie capsule. Skip that dreaded “morning shot” of liquid apple cider vinegar and protect your teeth from painful cavities caused by ACV acidity. Our amazing patented PlantCap® technology delivers pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar directly to your gut where your body needs it most.

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Tru Detox

TRU Detox is our latest collaboration with Massy Arias designed to provide you the perfect product to take advantage of all the amazing benefits Activated Charcoal has to offer:

NATURAL WHOLE BODY DETOX - using activated charcoal you can achieve a full body cleanse as the activated charcoal absorbs small toxins as it moves through your GI tract

ELIMINATES BLOATING - activated charcoal helps absorb gas molecules to help reduce or even eliminate unnecessary gas that causes bloating

VEGAN FRIENDLY PLANT CAPS - we custom developed vegan friendly capsules using peas, leafy greens, green algae, and vegetables to encapsulate the activated charcoal

60 SERVINGS - each container has 60 servings which for most consumers is a two month supply when taken daily!!!

MULTI PURPOSE USE - many have found using activated charcoal in both oral and skin health if removed from the capsule and directly applied as natural toothpaste or skin mask

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Tru BCAA 30 Servings - 2 Flavors

TRU BCAA is our Ultra Premium BCAA + L-Carnitine formula. We worked with Massy Arias for 6 months to develop and perfect this formula and currently there is nothing similar in the market.
* Note * BOTH TRU BCAA flavors are safe for pregnant, lactating and nursing mothers

TRU BCAA is the totally natural and absolutely delicious drink that you can rely on to perform your workouts and stay hydrated throughout the day.

What are BCAA?
BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are those amino acids that contribute most directly to muscular performance and endurance while promoting muscle recovery and fat loss.


Tru Metabolism

Weight .3 lbs

Tru BCAA 30 Servings - 2 Flavors


Green Apple, Tropical Popsicle

2 reviews for Tru Fat Burning Bundle

  1. Liana Arriaga (verified owner)

    I’m so happy i got this bundle! the detox pill is amazing! with just one day of taking it, the next day I saw less bloating and the best part is it doesn’t have you in the restroom like most detox pills do. It does exactly what its claims to do. The metabolism pills, woah! I don’t feel hungry or the urge to eat like I used to, this stuff is amazing! The ACV capsules definitely beat taking the morning shots!!!!! Im overall very happy with my purchase and glad I decided to try TRU supplements. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking into weight loss, burning stubborn fat!

  2. oceanatrujillo (verified owner)

    These products are amazing!! Highly recommend doing the bundle. The ACV is so easy to take and so much better than drinking ACV. Same benefits with the ease of pill form. The Detox is so much better than anything I have ever taken . It’s gentle and yet I feel such a difference in my digestion , energy and skin. I take the metabolism and Acv together first thing in the morning with lots of water and the detox after my last meal at night . And the BCAA is a must during workouts, my recovery time is so much gentler than without it . Not to mention a better workout all together. All of these combined have made such a difference with energy, digestion, healthy skin and better work outs. The bundle is the way to go! If you can’t afford the bundle Than I would say the ACV and Detox are must haves. Love all the products but those are so gentle , effective and easy to take !

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