Pregnancy Safe Bundle

Pregnancy Safe Bundle

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These are our collection of products we have deemed “pregnancy” and nursing mom safe as they do not contain any harmful ingredients, dyes, colors, heavy metal contamination, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners.

Tru Protein (9 Flavors Available - Select Flavor)

Tru Protein is the all natural and delicious plant based protein powder built to deliver your body the protein, amino acids, and micronutrients needed to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle.

What makes Tru Protein different?

We are glad you asked:
  • 20 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and only 100 calories per serving
  • Plant Based and Vegan Friendly
  • Organic sourced brown rice and pea proteins
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • No heavy metal contamination
  • Loaded with SunBCAA™ to maximize recovery and effectiveness

TRU BCAA - (2 Flavors Available - Select Flavor) - 30 Servings

TRU BCAA is our Ultra Premium BCAA + L-Carnitine formula. We worked with Massy Arias for 6 months to develop and perfect this formula and currently there is nothing similar in the market.

* Note * BOTH TRU BCAA flavors are safe for pregnant, lactating and nursing mothers

TRU BCAA is the totally natural and absolutely delicious drink that you can rely on to perform your workouts and stay hydrated throughout the day.

What are BCAA?

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are those amino acids that contribute most directly to muscular performance and endurance while promoting muscle recovery and fat loss.


Tru Vitamin

Tru Vitamin is the daily super formula that bridges the gap between our food intake and many essential nutrients that optimize our bodies systems of metabolism, immunity, recovery, and even joint health.

Tru Vitamin is 7 products in 1:
- Multivitamin
- MSM/Tumeric
- L- Carnitine
- Spectra ORAC super greens
- Vitamin D3
- Vitamin B12
- Digestive Enzymes

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Tru Detox - (IN STOCK NOW)

TRU Detox is our latest collaboration with Massy Arias designed to provide you the perfect product to take advantage of all the amazing benefits Activated Charcoal has to offer.

TRU Detox can be used as a daily health supplement, or it can be used as a part of dozens of at home remedies for everything from skin health to teeth whitening. This natural powerhouse has nearly endless applications in a healthy lifestyle. Try TRU Detox today!



We have created the pregnancy bundle by TRU to help new and expecting mothers with safe and effective products during this sensitive time!


TRU Protein – healthy source of protein, does not contain any heavy metals, artificial sweeteners (except dessert series does have sucralose), or colorants or dyes. Contains 27 vitamins and minerals to help optimize your metabolism


TRU Vitamin –  helps maintain the optimal micronutrient balance needed to support pregnancy


TRU Detox – helps flush toxins from the GI tract and even has been known to help with some nausea and upset stomach during pregnancy.

Additional information

Tru Protein (9 Flavors Available - Select Flavor)


Chocolate Creme, Strawberry Jam, Chai Latte, Vanilla Creme, Cinnamon Bun, Blueberry Muffin, Unflavored, *Dessert Series* Chocolate Mint, *Dessert Series* Banana Maple Muffin

TRU BCAA - (2 Flavors Available - Select Flavor) - 30 Servings


Green Apple, Tropical Popsicle


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