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Jessica Lewis

My Name is Jessica Lewis and I am best known as natural hair blogger “MahoganyCurls”. I have always looked up to and desired to follow in the steps of the hair care professionals in my family. 

Over the years, my blogging efforts as MahoganyCurls have captured the attention of women worldwide, with more than 22 million total YouTube channel views and a collective social media audience totaling over 1.3M. I try my best everyday to 
encourage women to love and care for their natural hair! 
I found TRU Supplements last year while working on my personal goals of improving my health and fitness from a nutrition and exercise standpoint. I fell in love with the TRU Protein immediately from my very first smoothie, and I ordered 3 more tubs of other flavors just so I could try them all. The protein has been a constant part of my diet nearly every day since then; and as a busy new mom, I think it is one of my secret weapons in staying fit.
With my professional focus being so heavily on hair and cosmetics, my other TRU Supplements that I use every single day are the TRU Vitamin and TRU Skin. These two are amazing for their ability to keep my hair, skin, and nails growing strong and healthy. Since seeing how quickly my natural nails recovered and strengthened after removing my acrylic nails – I am even more sold on this combination and I recommend it to everyone!
These 3 products are a must for women who want to be their healthiest on the inside and out, for themselves and their families (for all my fellow moms)!

Jessica's Picks For You

TRU has 5 amazing Natural products, with more on the way; but I have hand-picked these three options for you because I want you to get started on the right foot and build healthy habits that will help change your overall lifestyle!

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