General Questions

How long does shipping take?

Unless other wise requested, we ship all orders with USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2 to 3 days anywhere in the United States. Orders to Australia, Europe, and Asia typically take between 7 and 14 days to arrive. If you wish to use faster or separate international shipping methods, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your requests.

How long till my order ships?

All orders placed before 2PM PST ship SAME DAY, orders placed after this time will we shipped the next business day.

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction with our products is our #1 goal. We always accept returns on unopened products purchased directly from us. Refunds are issued immediately upon our receipt of the product back to our shipping department. We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or damage in transit/shipping for 14 days from the date of purchase. Fulfillment mistakes that we make resulting in the shipment of incorrect product to you will also be accepted for return 14 days from the date of purchase. Unopened products can be returned for a refund minus a the direct cost of outbound shipping. Refund will be issued upon receipt of product being returned to TRU. Please email to coordinate returns. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer (unless the return is the result of a Tru Supplements shipping error)

Please Note: At this time there are no refunds or exchanges for products that have been opened or used. We are however happy to extend special credits on a case by case basis towards future purchases if another flavor or product is desired.

Please email us at before sending your package to us so we can help you coordinate the return.

What makes Tru better than other companies?

Great question! We separate ourselves by 4 main differentiating points.

1) OUR MISSION: Producing the world’s BEST products for YOU our end users with NO COMPROMISES

2) OUR INGREDIENTS: We only use patented and trademarked ingredients that are proven to work. We dose these ingredients at the research supported levels to get you RESULTS.

3) OUR MANUFACTURING: We strictly manufacture in our state of the art cGMP certified facility. This is crucial for producing perfect products EVERY TIME.

4) OUR TESTING: We independently test EVERY BATCH of ALL our products. This means that you can be positive that your Tru product contains exactly what it says it does on the label, and that there are no harmful undeclared ingredients or substances in the product.

Can I combine products at the same time?

YES! We highly recommend you do, as there is never a one product solution to solve a person’s entire supplement needs. We have recommended bundles; or you can choose the combination that best fits your needs. If you have any questions about how to stack your products, you can email us at!

Tru Plant-Based Protein FAQs

I see Tru Plant-Based Protein is Vegan Friendly; what are the protein sources?

Tru Plant-Based Protein is made using a precise combination of Organic Brown Rice and Organic Pea Proteins. This combination is further leveraged by adding sunflower sourced SunBCAA™ to maximize the amino acid profile of Tru Plant-Based Protein to stand up to even the hardest training recovery demands.

What is used to flavor and sweeten Tru Plant-Based Protein?

Tru Plant-Based Protein uses naturally derived flavors and a combination of stevia and monk fruit.

How much Tru Plant-Based Protein should I take?

Tru Plant-Based Protein can be taken as often as necessary in varying amounts per serving to fit your dietary protein intake needs. Using the industry standard recommendation of 0.8 grams of Protein per pound of bodyweight one can determine how much protein they need on an individual basis and then see how Tru Plant-Based Protein can help achieve that goal alongside proper wholefood intake.

How can I use Tru Plant-Based Protein?

Tru Plant-Based Protein can be used in a number of ways, including: Mixing in a shaker cup, blending into smoothies, stirring into soft food like oatmeal or yogurt, and even baking  into recipes such as cookies and pancakes.

Check our Tru Recipes!  Click Here!

Does Tru Plant-Based Protein meet its label claims?

Every batch of Tru Plant-Based Protein is tested and guaranteed to meet label claims for protein content. Tru Plant-Based Protein is also proven to be free of any amino spiking; which is a cheap way of falsely increasing protein levels that shady and unscrupulous companies utilize to cut costs.

Does Tru Plant-Based Protein contain any heavy metal combination?

Every batch of Tru Plant-Based Protein is tested to ensure that there is no heavy metal contamination, which is a common issue with low-quality whey proteins and other lower grade products.

Is Tru Plant-Based Protein healthy for regular usage?

Not only is Tru Plant-Based Protein Healthy, but in fact, studies have shown that by using Tru Plant-Based Protein to keep protein intake up while reducing meat intake; we can extend our lifespan and live healthier with less disease and illness.

Tru Metabolism FAQs

Is Tru Metabolism safe?

Tru takes safety very seriously, which is why we independently test every batch of all our performance products for label claim, heavy metals, banned substances, and adulterants with the BSCG Organization. Tru Metabolism is based on a natural ingredient profile, with its key ingredient coming from a specialized black rice extract. Due to its low stimulant profile, Tru Metabolism is suitable for a large percentage of healthy adults. However, anyone with high blood pressure or under a doctors care for other medical issues should consult their doctor prior to using Tru Metabolism or any supplement.

Will Tru Metabolism make me jittery or cause anxiety?

Due to its low stimulant profile, Tru Metabolism is not likely to cause jittery or anxious feelings. Those who are more sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants may start with 1 capsule per serving to assess their tolerance and increase to a full 2 capsule serving from there.

How does Tru Metabolism work?

Tru Metabolism works through a novel mechanism where in the product reduces fatty acid storage at the cellular level. In combination with a controlled calorie intake and consistent workout regimen, this will cause an increase in the rate of fat loss, while eating the most calories possible.

What is the best time to take Tru Metabolism?

The best time to take Tru Metabolism is with your pre-workout meal or immediately upon waking before breakfast.

How should I eat to get the best results from Tru Metabolism?

We recommend a consistent calorie level set at a small deficit with adequate lean protein intake to maximize fat-loss while minimizing muscle loss.

Tru Energy FAQs

Will Tru Energy keep me up at night?

Due to the low stimulant nature of Tru Energy, it is unlikely to keep you awake at night, however for those that are very sensitive or experience regular issues sleeping; we recommend you do not consume Tru Energy within 3 hours of your bedtime.

Will Tru Energy make me jittery or cause anxiety?

Tru Energy uses a state of the art ingredient profile intended to maximize and amplify your physical training capabilities. The caffeine usage in Tru Energy is kept to a minimum level, and we do not use any synthetic or designer stimulants in order to avoid the negative health and wellness side-effects that they cause. Those who are very sensitive to stimulation should absolutely start with a ½ scoop serving to assess tolerance.

How long before my workout should I drink Tru Energy?

We recommend drinking Tru Energy 20 minutes before your workout. Alternatively, many people chose to start drinking their Tru Energy about 20 minutes before the workout and finish it as they start their workout session.

Can I take Multiple times per day?

Yes! For those who train 2 times per day, you can take a serving of Tru Energy before each session to maximize your performance and capacity within each workout. The maximum recommended dosage for advanced users within a 24-hour period is 2 scoops.

What should I mix my Tru Energy with?

We recommend mixing your Tru Energy with 12 ounces of cold water; however you may also mix it with juice or Gatorade for additional carbohydrate or to adjust the taste to your liking.

Can Tru Energy be “stacked” or taken in conjunction with other pre-workout products?

Tru Energy is a complete and comprehensive training supplement, however it may be  combined with other non-stimulant pre-workouts designed to enhance workout aspects such as vasodilation or “pump”. We DO NOT recommend combining Tru Energy with stimulant based pre-workouts as the resulting stimulant intake is too high and can negatively affect the workout experience.

What is the maximum dosage of Tru Energy?

We recommend starting with a ½ scoop of Tru Energy to assess your tolerance to its full and complete ingredient profile. From there the full recommended dosage is full scoop. The maximum recommended dosage for advanced users within a 24-hour period is 2 scoops. To re-iterate, on a single serving basis, no more than 1 scoop of Tru Energy is needed, as 1 scoop contains full clinical doses of all the key ingredients that make the formula amazing.

How much caffeine does Tru Energy contain?

Tru Energy contains approximately 100mg of Caffeine per serving.

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