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I am an actress and dancer – but most importantly, I am now a mother. My goal is to be the best mother I can possibly be, while positively influencing women around the world. As a mother, I have to be healthy and in shape, not just for myself – but to be an example for my daughter, Alexandra. Like mons every where, I find myself very busy balancing all that I have to do in a day, especially in managing my career. I have always loved exercising; but in learning more and more about nutrition – I have come to understand that our bodies and our health can benefit greatly from certain key supplements. 

I have spent a lot of time and research trying many different products, and this lead me to TRU. After trying their Vanilla protein and TRU Vitamin for a few months, I knew I found what I was looking for. The shakes are delicious – even in water when I’m on the road; but my favorite thing to do is making smoothies in the morning. It feels good to know I am starting the day off right and taking care of my body – for both myself and my daughter! I love that TRU is all plant based and it doesn’t use any artificial junk like other proteins I have seen. I can’t keep something I love a secret, so naturally I want to share it with you all as well!

– Gemma

Gemma's Picks For You

TRU has 5 amazing Natural products, with more on the way; but I have hand-picked these two options for you because I want you to get started on the right foot and build healthy habits that will help change your overall lifestyle!

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