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    Su cuerpo necesita proteínas magras todos los días para repararse y mantener su metabolismo funcionando de forma óptima. La proteína TRU, es una proteína ultra-premium de origen vegetal que está hecha para ser utilizada por atletas élite, personas enfocadas en la salud, en si para todo el mundo. Lo mejor de la proteína TRU es que no contiene sabores artificiales, colorantes o edulcorantes. Todos necesitamos proteína, pero no necesitamos la basura que a menudo viene con ella. La proteína TRU ofrece todo lo que usted necesita, dejando afuera lo que no.


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    TRU Metabolismo es nuestro enfoque para quemar grasa corporal más rápido, totalmente natural y seguro. En comparación con las píldoras de dieta peligrosas que a menudo se ven en el mercado, TRU Metabolismo es seguro y a demostrado ser eficaz a través de la ciencia detrás de su ingrediente principal, AnthOrigin ®. Este es un extracto de Maíz morado cultivado orgánicamente en los Estados Unidos, que contiene una cantidad concentrada de un potente compuesto natural llamado C3G. Esta molécula le señala a nuestros cuerpos cuando debe reducir el almacenamiento de grasa y aumenta la liberación de grasa y a la vez la quema de grasa! Esto significa que usted puede perder más peso y grasa corporal con una ingesta menos restrictiva de calorías  – Y – puede mantener su pérdida de peso de manera más eficaz con una mayor ingesta de calorías. La combinación de TRU Metabolismo con un plan nutricional sólido y un programa de ejercicio, es el mejor enfoque posible para perder grasa corporal de forma segura, rápida y permanente.

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  • Proteína Tru Sampler Kit – 1 porción de cada sabor (6 sabores)

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    Undecided about which flavor of Tru Protein to try first or next? Well now you can try them all with our new single serving sample kit!

    4 single serving packets of Tru Protein

    Chocolate Creme / Vanilla Creme /  Chai Latte / Blueberry Muffin

    The best part is, the pouches are REUSABLE – if you want to be eco friendly, you can use the pouch as a sealable container to carry around an on-the-go serving of your favorite flavor of Tru Protein!

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  • Vitamina Tru

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    Tru Vitamin is the daily super formula that bridges the gap between our food intake and many essential nutrients that optimize our bodies systems of metabolism, immunity, recovery, and even joint health.

    Tru Vitamin is 7 products in 1:
    – Multivitamin
    – MSM/Tumeric
    – L- Carnitine
    – Spectra ORAC super greens
    – Vitamin D3
    – Vitamin B12
    – Digestive Enzymes

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  • TRU BCAA – (2 sabores disponibles – Seleccionar sabor) – 30 Servings

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    TRU BCAA es nuestra fórmula Ultra Premium BCAA + L-Carnitine. Trabajamos con Massy Arias durante 6 meses para desarrollar y perfeccionar esta fórmula y actualmente no hay nada parecido en el mercado.
    * Nota * AMBOS sabores de TRU BCAA son seguros para madres embarazadas, lactantes y lactantes
    TRU BCAA es la bebida totalmente natural y absolutamente deliciosa en la que puede confiar para que pueda realizar sus entrenamientos y para mantenerse hidratado durante todo el día.
    ¿Qué son BCAA?
    BCAA (Aminoácidos de cadena ramificada) son aquellos aminoácidos que contribuyen más directamente al rendimiento muscular y la resistencia al tiempo que fomentan la recuperación muscular y la pérdida de grasa.
  • TRU ACV – Organic Apple Cider + PlantCaps® – 2 Month Supply

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    TRU ACV gives you all the incredible, fat-burning benefits of liquid apple cider vinegar inside a Vegan Friendly veggie capsule. Skip that dreaded “morning shot” of liquid apple cider vinegar and protect your teeth from painful cavities caused by ACV acidity. Our amazing patented PlantCap® technology delivers pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar directly to your gut where your body needs it most.

    – The TRU ACV Difference –

    🍎 Made from 100% organic, non-GMO apples grown on a family farm in Washington.

    🍎 1 pure ingredient: 100% unfiltered, dehydrated apple cider vinegar.

    🍎 Delivers all the healthy nutrients (including the “mother” intact) exactly where your body needs them.

    🍎 Use Vegan Friendly veggie capsules made from tapioca instead of gelatin derived from cow cartilage.

    🍎 Encapsulated in a cGMP facility, certified and inspected by the FDA.

    🍎 Proudly made 100% in the USA.

    🍎 Protected by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee (even if you finish the whole bottle).

    – The benefits of TRU ACV –

    🍎Healthy Blood Sugar Control

    🍎Balanced Cholesterol Levels

    🍎Skin Health

    🍎Natural Metabolism

    Our bottle is a 2 month supply and just 2 small capsules is the equivalent of a normal serving  of Regular Apple Cider Vinegar!

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  • Energía Tru – Limonada Natural de Fresa

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    ¡La energía de TRU es la solución natural y eficaz para que cada vez tengamos entrenamientos asombrosos! La combinación completamente dosificada de ingredientes naturales y patentados como CarnoSyn® y PureEnergy® en TRU Energy le ayudará a superar sus entrenamientos y le dará más fuerza, resistencia y concentración de lo cual nunca ha experimentado antes. A diferencia de la mayoría de los pre-entrenamientos” TRU Energy no contiene estimulantes dañinos o químicos edulcorantes, sabores y colores artificiales. TRU Energy le dará todo lo que necesita para rendir mejor en sus entrenamientos, lo cual es crucial para hacer cambios en su cuerpo y la salud.

  • Premium TRU Shaker Bottle with Easy Carry Loop

    Rated 3.00 out of 5

    28 oz Shaker Cup perfect for your TRU protein shakes, BCAAs, or TRU Energy!

    Leak Proof Design – uses the traditional screw on lid to prevent spills or leaks from happening! With a snug twist of the lid and the assuring ‘snap’ of the flip cap, you’re ready to roll!

    Carry Loop – awesome new convenient carry loop which is a handy way to carry around your bottle as well as clip keys to or even clip to your gym bag for better portability.

    Tumble Ball Mixer – uses the easy to clean, tumble ball to assist in mixing! Bright green so won’t be hard to find!

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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Tru Dessert Series Protein (Choose Flavor)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Our Tru Protein Dessert Series is the perfection of decadent natural and delicious plant based protein powder built to deliver your body the protein, amino acids, and micronutrients needed to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle.

    What makes Tru Protein different?

    We are glad you asked:
    • 20 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and only 100 calories per serving
    • Plant Based and Vegan Friendly
    • Organic sourced brown rice and pea proteins
    • No artificial flavors or acesulfame/aspartame used
    • No heavy metal contamination
    • Loaded with SunBCAA™ to maximize recovery and effectiveness
    Does not contain soy
  • Apilar de Tru

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  • Tru Detox – (IN STOCK NOW)

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    TRU Detox is our latest collaboration with Massy Arias designed to provide you the perfect product to take advantage of all the amazing benefits Activated Charcoal has to offer.

    TRU Detox can be used as a daily health supplement, or it can be used as a part of dozens of at home remedies for everything from skin health to teeth whitening. This natural powerhouse has nearly endless applications in a healthy lifestyle. Try TRU Detox today!

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  • Tru Sample Bundle: Includes 2 Protein Samples (chocolate and vanilla), 1 BCAA, 1 Energy

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  • TRU Protein – Dessert Sampler Kit – 2 Flavors (Chocolate Mint Cookie & Banana Maple Muffin)

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  • TRU BCAA – (2 Flavors Available – Select Flavor) – 50 Servings


    TRU BCAA is our Ultra Premium BCAA + L-Carnitine formula. We worked with Massy Arias for 6 months to develop and perfect this formula and there is nothing like it on the market currently.

    *Note* BOTH flavors of TRU BCAA are safe for Pregnant & Lactating / Breastfeeding Moms

    TRU BCAA is the all-natural, and absolutely delicious beverage you can rely on to get you through your workouts, as well as keep you hydrated all day.

    What are BCAA’s?

    BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are those amino acids that most directly contribute to muscle performance and endurance while simultaneously encouraging muscle recovery and fat loss.

  • MA30DAY Fat Loss Bundle

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